Amazon Plan of Action (PoA)

Have you received a notification from Amazon that one or more of your products may be infringing on some other entity’s intellectual property rights? Has your account been suspended with a plan of action (PoA) required to reinstate it? At, we have helped many clients develop a PoA, reactivate their Amazon account and rebuild their reputation.

What do we do

How does it work

  • You provide us with the information supplied by Amazon regarding rights infringement.
  • We study the situation, products, sellers, data and other information.
  • We determine the true cause of the issue at hand.
  • We make recommendations and create a detailed plan of action (PoA), and submit it to Amazon.
  • We work with you to get your account reinstated in full and to rebuild your reputation.

Key benefits to you

  • Experienced help and guidance navigating the murky waters of rights infringement.
  • Accurate guidance in creating a detailed plan of action (PoA) that Amazon will accept.
  • Expert assistance in determining the real cause of issues creating problems with your Amazon seller account.
  • The help necessary to get your account reinstated in full.
  • Guidance to prevent rights infringements in the future.


It is possible that a true rights infringement case exists and we can help determine if this is true for you.

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