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Not sure how to prove that you own the products you’ve developed and now offer on Amazon? Want to ensure that your products are uniquely tied to your Amazon Seller ID? Brand registry can be a challenging process, but we can help you every step of the way. At, we help you protect your brand and products against counterfeits and hijacking, fight back against infringing products, and take advantage of future improvements in the seller program.

What do we do

We walk you through the brand registry process, including the most recent changes to the program. We work with you to ensure that you have all the requirements Amazon mandates, including an actively registered trademark. We also help with brand logo imaging, product imaging and packaging photos, product category listings, and everything else required to register your brand successfully.

How does it work

  • You provide us with your brand and product information.
  • We move forward with brand registry through Amazon.
  • We work with you to identify, define and create the collateral required by Amazon for successful brand registration.
  • We help you avoid potential rights infringements, and ensure accuracy of all information filed with Amazon.
  • We’ll work with you moving forward on all brand registration-related needs.

Key benefits to you

  • Navigate the brand registry process with confidence.
  • Build visibility for your brand and confidence in your product(s).
  • Avoid the potential for hijackers and counterfeiters.
  • Quickly identify and alert Amazon to infringing products or brands.
  • Take advantage of future improvements and features with the brand registry system.


Yes, although the process is more involved. We can walk you through every step.

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