Want to build a successful business with Amazon, but unsure how to go about it? Not certain who your target market is, what your unique value proposition is, what competition you might face, or how you’ll achieve success and growth? We can help. Our consulting solutions are specially designed for businesses just like yours.

What do we do

At, we deliver professional consulting solutions tailored to fit your unique needs. We understand there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach here. Everything about your business is unique, and our consultation reflects that. We will consider your company’s unique niche, your product/service offerings, your competition, market saturation, ideal customers and more, and then create a detailed action plan that will guide you to online sales success.

How does it work

  • You provide us with information about your niche/business model.
  • We conduct in-depth research on competition, similar products, your audience and more.
  • We create a detailed plan of action complete with a prioritized list of suggestions.
  • We discuss how to implement the plan and all suggestions.
  • We monitor your success.

Key benefits to you

  • You benefit from the insight of an industry expert with decades of experience.
  • Gain invaluable guidance to help make product offerings stand out.
  • Learn how to target your ideal audience.
  • Avoid direct competition with established brands.
  • Maximize your marketing spend to increase traction and profitability.


We guarantee that we will never sell your information to any third party. We’re dedicated to complete confidentiality.

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