Fulfilled by Amazon Support (FBA)

FBA, or Fulfilled by Amazon, is a great tool to build online sales success, but also to offload some of the costs and processes involved with selling to a trusted partner, Amazon in this case. However, it can be quite challenging to arrange for shipments to be delivered to the right fulfillment center, to follow Amazon’s packaging rules, and more. expan.do can help.

What do we do

With years of experience helping online sellers achieve success, we’re well-versed with FBA and can provide support in many crucial ways. We can provide FBA support in a number of essential ways, ranging from inventory tracking to order delivery, to packing and packaging, and everything in between.

How does it work

  • You simply give us access to your FBA account.
  • We’ll analyze your account, its performance, and more.
  • Based on our analysis, we’ll create a plan of action including suggestions to improve performance and avoid pitfalls.
  • We work with you to implement that plan and ensure that your FBA process is optimized from end to end.
  • We’ll monitor your FBA account to ensure that everything remains in compliance.

Key benefits to you

  • Get the benefit of years of experience navigating Amazon FBA.
  • Improve your performance through Amazon FBA and increase customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Stop worrying about inaccurate inventory counts, or fulfillment centers rejecting shipments.
  • Track your FBA metrics accurately through back-end processes based on our optimized plan.
  • Improve your profitability and online sales success.


We provide full FBA support to improve customer satisfaction, seller success, profitability and more.

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